“We believe that despite the average yield of 16%, there are still farmers who can achieve palm yields of 20% or more. We are committed to encouraging and supporting this group of farmers so they can increase their yields even further.”

The goal of Asian Plus+ project


    • We establish agricultural product standards named “มกษ.5702-2562” and support farmers to do a high-quality palm.

    • We train how to do high-quality palm for farmers.

    • We establish quality procurement standards and strictly adhere to the principles, emphasizing the following fundamentals: Quality over Quantity.

    • We strive to build a sustainable and fair network between Factory and farmer.

    • Sustainable supply chain.

    • We make the Asian Plus+ business partner or do “high-quality palm farmers to have more revenue.”

    • We develop a beneficial data management system for Asian Plus+ business partners.

The high-quality palm features of Asian Plus+.

The palm bunches have features that align with their respective varieties.

1 bunch has a minimum of a fallen fruit isn’t less than10 fruits (or 1 pickup truck has a fallen kernel of 3-4 sacks) *

The length of the palm bunch stalk doesn’t exceed 5 centimeters.

The bunch weight isn’t less than 13 kilograms.

Fresh palm bunches haven’t undergone any incubating and watering processes.

A high-quality palm or A-grade palm.

The quantity of high-quality palm comparatives with all palms.

Palm at a Glance

The cultivation areas in Krabi province.

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