Product Quality

Crude Palm Oil

The main product, Crude Palm Oil (CPO), is obtained from the fresh fruit bunches (FFB) through a process involving cooking, pressing, stirring, and extracting the crude palm oil using machinery at each stage. This process yields Crude Palm Oil (CPO), which is then subjected to further purification and filtering to ensure its purity and quality.

The resulting CPO has a reddish-brown color and serves as the primary product of the factory, finding applications in various continuous industries, including the food industry, biodiesel industry, and oleochemical industry. CPO is further developed into everyday products such as hair shampoo and soap.

The oil extraction rate (OER) depends on the quality of the fresh fruit bunches used as raw material, and Thailand’s average OER is approximately 18-19%.

To support palm oil farmers and traders, the company has initiated the “”Asian Plus+”” project, aimed at providing knowledge and understanding of proper cultivation and harvesting of high-quality fresh fruit bunches. This project enables the company to obtain higher OER, enhancing its competitiveness in the crude palm oil extraction industry and ensuring that the resulting CPO meets the required standards.


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