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Business of Producing Electricity from Biogas for Supply to Regional Electricity Authority. The business of producing electricity from biogas is derived from utilizing wastewater generated during the crude palm oil extraction process. This wastewater contains a significant amount of organic matter. It is then anaerobically digested using a complete-mix Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) to produce methane gas, which is then used as fuel to generate electricity through a biogas engine.

This process helps capture methane gas, reducing its release into the atmosphere and mitigating the greenhouse effect, which contributes to global warming. The generated electricity is sold to the regional electricity authority. Besides adding value to the waste from the crude palm oil extraction process, this also reduces environmental impacts on the local community by minimizing odor emissions from wastewater.

The biogas power plant is located on the same site as the crude palm oil extraction facility. It includes a temperature reduction tank, a complete-mix gas digester (CSTR), a gas cleaning system, a humidity reduction system, and a biogas engine to generate electricity.


The company has entered into a power purchase agreement with the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) as a Very Small Power Producer (VSPP-PEA-52-002/2551) for the production of renewable energy. The maximum electrical output is up to 1 megawatt at a voltage level of 33,000 volts. Currently, the company has a biogas power generation capacity of 1.16 megawatts using biogas engines to generate and supply electricity to the PEA.


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