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In the process of extracting crude palm oil, there are by-products produced, including Palm kernel (Shell) ,Palm acid oil(PAO),Empty fruit bunch, Palm fiber (Fiber) Here are some additional details about each product and its uses

Palm Acid Oil (PAO) from Effluent

Effluent from the palm oil production process contains residues such as oil-polluted water from the clarification process and sludge from the wastewater treatment.

Over time, some of the oil in the effluent accumulates on the water surface, forming a thick layer with a high Free Fatty Acid (FFA) content (up to 40-50% FFA) and a dark color. This layer of oil is known as Palm Acid Oil (PAO).

The company collects and sells this PAO to soap manufacturers and for export. The collection process involves skimming the oil from the water surface during sunny weather to ensure good floating properties.


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